Friday, 17 September 2010

iTeach180 Project Day 5

Day 5 Google Docs Part 3

Today is our final day introducing Google Docs.  The past two days we covered the basic skills that require effective, efficient use of Google Docs and forms.

Students will be able to set up a shared folder
Students will be able to use a shared folder

Today we will be setting up a shared folder within our Google Docs account. A shared folder allows you, and whomever you are collaborating with, to share files anywhere via one folder. Shared folders are private and can only be accessed by invitation. You can upload any time of file so this makes a great place for teachers and students alike to share files and collaborate.

1. Have students log into their Google Docs account.

The video below will explain how you set up a shared folder with your students and how they can use a shared folder when working on a project in this class or any other classes where they have a collaborative project. This is a great way for students to keep track of files throughout the year especially if they are using multiple computer labs and carts.

2. The next phase of this assignment is really up to the teacher. You may choose to start a small collaborative project next week via Google Docs and shared folders or you can simply expand on how they can use shared folders in school. Since it is Friday, I will be presenting the following homework assignment to my students.

1. Find one partner
2. Set up a shared folder
3. Over the weekend create a document, spreadsheet, or presentation that conveys what you learned this week in this class. Use the following guiding questions to lead your project:
            1. How will Google Apps assist in your learning process this school year?
            2. Why should we use these tools in our classrooms?
3. What are some of the ways in which you will use the Google Apps taught this week in your other classes? Outside of class?
4. When you return on Monday you will present your findings to the class. Use a shared folder to house all of your documents you use for the presentation and collaborate remotely via Google Docs to work on this project.