Wednesday, 15 September 2010

iTeach180 Project Day 3

Day 3: Google Docs Part 1

Day 2 Recap:

This week we are building our classroom infrastructure. We are using the Google Apps Suite to maintain open communication within the classroom and the school. We started with an iGoogle page and explore new iGoogle page widgets that will be essential to the infrastructure of our class. Today we will begin by exploring Google docs.


  1. Students will be able to access Google Docs
  2. Students will be able to Share Google Docs with shared folders
  3. Students will be able to edit a Google Doc

The Process:

1. Have students go to

2. Once students have accessed the Google Docs startup page, arrange them into groups of two (or more depending on the size of your class).

3. Give each group a task on the Google Docs startup page to discover, learn, and present to their peers. Include the following tasks:

1. Create a new document, save it, and share it.

2. Create a new folder and label documents accordingly

3. Create a shared folder

4. Upload a document and an image file

5. Publish the document to the web and get the embed code

6. Collaborate on editing a document

While students are performing these tasks scan the room and sit in on each group for a short time. Answer any questions, but push the students to find out how each task works on their own. I would allot ten minutes or more (depending on your class time and size).

Remind students that they must answer the following questions when they present:

1. What problems did I encounter?

2. How did I solve this problem.?

3. How can we apply my task to the class? To other classes?

4. Have students present their tasks to the class and require that the class take notes. You may choose to have students take notes via a Google Doc. As students are presenting, make sure you fill in any missed information so that students get a well-rounded idea of Google Docs.


Have students create a new Google Doc, share it with you, and answer the following prompt:

In a short paragraph, describe how you learned how to use Google Docs today. Use at least two examples to support your statement.