Friday, 22 October 2010

iTeach180 Project Day 23

Today’s lesson will introduce students to the term digital footprint. In the beginning of this lesson, simply write this term on the board. Have students come up to the board and write what they think the term means. Allow a few minutes for writing and then follow up with a discussion about what students wrote. 
1. Transition this conversation into a discussion about identity. Ask students to answer these questions:

  • ·      How would you describe your face-to-face identity (how people see you every day)?
  • ·      How would you describe your virtual identity (how people view you online)?
2. Using yourself as an example, ask students how they perceive you as a teacher? Write down their responses on the board.

3. Google yourself and ask students to describe your digital identity. Watch the video below. 

4. Continue the discussion by comparing the two identities. Do they match up? Are they vastly different? What are some of the differences between digital and face-to-face identities? Depending on time, these questions may be used to continue the discussion in class, or you could have students write a blog post comparing the two identities. 

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