Tuesday, 5 October 2010

iTeach180 Project Day 17

Yesterday, students started working on their classroom model redesign after watching the TED talk by Dan Meyer. Their objective is to take one of their current classes and redesign it. They will eventually present their new model to the class in the style of a TED talk.

Today students will continue their collaboration and classroom redesign. Check in on each group’s redesign or better yet, have each group share a Google doc with you and monitor their progress as they go forward. By the end of class today they should complete the following items:
1.     The basic outline for the classroom redesign
a.     What is the structure?
b.     How is the content presented?
c.      How will students be assessed?
d.     What collaborative tools will you use in your class
e.     How long is your class period?
2.     Students may expand on the above questions, but remind them to focus on the questions above and what they envision one class day to look like.
3.     Each group should create a shared Google Doc, Folder, and feedback form for this project.            
a.     The Google Doc must be shared with all group members for collaboration and shared with the teacher.
b.     Students should create a shared folder via Google Docs. All group members and teacher should be invited.
c.      Students will create a feedback form using Google Forms to post after their presentation. This form must include the following items:
                                               i.     What did you like about our new classroom design?
                                              ii.     What problems do you foresee with this design?
1.     What suggestions can you offer for these problems?
                                            iii.     Did the presentation effectively accomplish the intended task?

Depending on your class time, this seems like a fair amount of tasks for students to complete today. For homework you can have them write a reflection blog on their groups’ progress. This can be structured as a journal entry or you can give them guiding questions.