Wednesday, 6 October 2010

iTeach180 Project Day 18

Today's lesson, students will continue working on their classroom redesign projects and TED talk presentations. At this point in the project (depending on your class time) students should start thinking about their presentation. If students are working in groups remind them that all members must present. They want to be confident and knowledgeable about what they are saying. It might be a good idea to revisit the TED talk presented by Dan Meyer or present another TED talk to give them ideas.

What I will be doing for today's warmup is presenting this TED talk by David Eggers. Have students write a reflection blog post on this talk and ask them to focus on the process of innovation and seeing an idea through to completion and beyond. Remind students that this project is not just for a great but for an exchange of ideas. In the realm of school, students are the customer. We need to make sure their appetite for knowledge is satisfied. Also remind them that their TED talk videos will be presented at a faculty meeting and on the web. They should now have an understanding that their audience is not a letter grade, but real people who may choose to incorporate their idea into their own classroom.