Friday, 1 July 2011

Will lifelong learning live on?

CC image from flickr via Rob Shenk

I hear the term “lifelong learning” a lot in the twittersphere, blogosphere, and many other spheres out there spinning around the education community. It is the buzziest of buzzwords and the go to phrase when we try and provoke change in our schools. We all want it, but what does it look like every day in the classroom, in the halls of our schools? What does it look like for a Superintendent? An Administrator? A Parent? How do we elicit this drive in our students? In our schools?  And then, how do we ensure that it endures?

When our students leave us for higher education, the work force, military, etc. we are left on the shore waving, hoping that we have provided them with everything they need for their future endeavors. One wish that I have for all of my students is to constantly question the world around them. I hope that when they encounter adversity they can question, adapt, and learn. I hope they understand that every hurdle will not be met with an immediate success, but that they will see the value in an occasional stumble.

So my question is how do we model our daily instruction to ensure that lifelong learning lives on in our students?

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